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Interactive White Board Activities for SMART Board
SMART Board Notebook Lessons
SMART Board Notebook Lessons
What do I need to use the files on this site?

In order to use the lessons on this site, you will need to have a working SMART Board with Notebook software (version 9.5 or later) installed on your computer.

What if I have a Promethean, or other brand of interactive whiteboard?

At this time, Modern Chalkboard only has SMART Board Notebook files. We hope to add files for Promethean whiteboards in the near future.

Do you have lessons for High School and Middle School teachers?

We're primarily a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade website. In the future we hope to include content for a wider selection of grade levels.

How is connected to Super Teacher Worksheets? is owned and operated by TPW Websites, the same folks that created

When you download SMART Board Notebook files from this site, you may see direct links to worksheet files on

Is everything on offered for free?

For now, most of the files on is completely free. It's a new site, and we're still developing it and adding new content. However, in the future, we will probably be charging a subscription fee. In the meantime, we invite you to explore the site at no cost.  (A few files are not free.  They are available on TeachersPayTeachers for a $5 fee.)
Interactive Whiteboards are quickly replacing the dusty, old classroom chalkboards of yesteryear. features interactive lessons for teachers to use with SMART Boards.

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