SMART Board Notebook Lessons

Introduction to Fractions (Very Basic)
Student learn about fractions with shapes that are divided into equal parts. First they identify equal parts. Then they answer questions about basic fractions.
Grades: 1st through 3rd     Common Core Standards
Fractions of a Set (Very Basic)
In this lesson, students identify and make fractions of a set. For example, "Drag 4/9 of the cookies to the plate." Or, "What fraction of the toys were given away." Or, "Give 4/5 of the dogs a bone."
Grades: 1st through 3rd     Common Core Standards
Equivalent Fractions
In this lesson, students find equivalent fractions by analyzing pictures and fraction strips. This activity includes many drag-and-drop activities, as well as pages that require students to write with the digital markers.
Grades: 3rd through 5th     Common Core Standards
Mixed Numbers (Basic)
Students write the mixed number shown by the illustrations. Then they draw pictures of mixed number shapes. After that students are presented with mixed number word problems to solve.
Grades: 2nd through 4th     Common Core Standards