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Introduction to Fractions (Very Basic)
Student learn about fractions with shapes that are divided into equal parts. First they identify equal parts. Then they answer questions about basic fractions.
Grades: 1st through 3rd    Common Core Standards
Basic Multiplication: Objects & Groups
Solve the simple word problems by counting objects that are divided into equal groups. This activity is designed to help students learn how multiplication works.
Grades: 2nd through 4th    Common Core Standards
Current Electricity
Learn about basic parallel and series circuits, insulators/conductors, power sources, resistors, and switches with this basic electricity lesson.
Grades: 3rd through 5th    Common Core Standards
Identify the names of the continents and touch the graphics to reveal the names. Then play the continents trivia game.
Grades: 2nd through 4th    Common Core Standards
Dress Up Weather Bear
Look at the weather outside. Then dress the bear in the correct clothes. Put on hats, coats, boots, and other accessories. Includes both a boy and a girl bear.
Grades: Pre-K and Kindergarten    Common Core Standards