SMART Board Notebook Lessons

Introduction to Perimeter
Introduce perimeter with this interactive whiteboard lesson. Students use the digital markers and drag-and-drop features. Find the perimeter of the given shapes, write the answer on the board with digital markers, drag the tab to check the answer.
Grades: 3rd through 5th     Common Core Standards
Area (Counting Squares)
Students learn how to determine basic area in this SMART Board Notebook lesson. Students will determine the area of each shape in square units, based on how many squares are able to fit inside the shape. Students will also draw their own shape according to the length and width dimensions given. Answers will vary. This lesson is excellent for developing critical thinking skills.
Grades: 2nd through 4th     Common Core Standards
Area of Rectangles - Basic
In this SMART Board Notebook lesson, students will calculate basic area of rectangles. Multiply the base by the height to calculate the area of the various rectangles. Interactive features include "write your answer," and "circle the correct answer."
Grades: 3rd and 4th     Common Core Standards
Introduction to Area
Introduce area with this Smartboard lesson. This lesson includes several activities, such as counting square units, reading squared notation, and multiplying to find the area of rectangles and squares.
Grades: 3rd through 5th     Common Core Standards