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Billing Questions

Will my account automatically renew?

No. When your account is nearing expiration, we'll send you an e-mail reminder. If you would like your account to continue, you'll need to re-visit the site, click the renew button, and re-enter your credit card information. We do not store credit card information, so we are unable to offer automatic renewals.

I didn't receive an email to confirm my order.

When you sign up, you should receive an e-mails with a welcome message and to serve as your receipt. If you do not receive this, it may be blocked by your spam filter. Please contact us if you need a receipt and we'll be glad to send you one.

My credit card was declined. Why?

When you see a message saying your credit card was declined, you were not charged for the order. Our payment processor does not tell us the reason for the decline. You will have to check with your bank. We encourage you to try again with a different card.

I was charged and my account doesn't work. What do I do?

This is rare, but it has happened a few times. If you are charged and you cannot log in, please contact us right away. We can manually activate your account. Please include your full name and user name in the email.

I e-mailed you and I haven't heard back.

We try to answer all emails within 24-48 hours (often we're able to answer them within an hour or so). Please give us a little extra time on weekends and holidays.

If you haven't heard back from us, please check your spam folder. Also, check to be sure we're not being blocked by a firewall.

We are committed to satisfying our customers and we always try our best to make sure questions are answered quickly.

Do you have a phone number?

Yes, but please call only for billing help, log in help, membership questions, cancellations, refunds, or site license help. Our phone staff is not trained to help with technical, computer-related issues.

Our phone number is 716-260-2560. For help with your SMART Board, or other computer-related issues, please e-mail. If you include your phone number, we can have someone call you back if you'd like.

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