Basic Subtraction

SMART Board Notebook Lessons

Basic Subtraction (Within 10)
Learn basic addition and subtraction with this Notebook lesson. On each slide, students will cross out pictures and write a number sentence.
Grades: Kindergarten     Common Core Standards
Basic Subtraction (Within 20)
Practice basic subtraction. Use drag and drop to move items into containers. Then write a subtraction statement for each.
Grades: Kindergarten and 1st     Common Core Standards
More Basic Subtraction (Within 20)
Use virtual counters to add single-digit numbers with sums up to ten. Includes ten slides, five of which are drag-and-drop activities.
Grades: Kindergarten and 1st     Common Core Standards
Addition/Subtraction Fact Families
Students use drag-and-drop to create fact family triangles and number bond. This lesson teaches students about the relationships between addition and subtraction problems. These basic problems have sums up to 24.
Grades: 1st and 2nd     Common Core Standards